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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Physics of it All

so the rumor around NDVR STUDIOS  is the super fan demanded team up starring the Black Beetle and everyones favorite child superhero GladstoneWill be finished and ready to post by as soon as tommorow !!! So be there as the two Neutro-Knights find themselves in the clutches of the demented Dr. Deepo. In other news poor old Nick Physics has fallen behind on the Scenes of the Multiverse. With that said I have however seen the new scenes and they promise to be EPIC!!!!!!! I was going to post a new one today but the libary computer I am using seems to not be a fan of NDVR Comix. So with that said .......................Go Forth and Be Bold!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Physics Of It All

So have been real "OCCUPIED" lately so the blog has been a little neglected.But have no fear fans of the infinite the gears of NDVR Comix haven't ceased to move yet. In fact I have just gotten finished reviewing some of the last pages of the Fan Demanded Team-Up of Gladstone and Black Beetle entitled "THE THINKING DARK" which followers of the Propagandist will recall hearing about a couple of months ago with only a few pages left to be reviewed It should be no time until the THINKING DARK will premiere here at the Propagandist. Also in the works is a continuation of the BODY OF EVIDENCE story which is now being shown here at the Propagandist.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The physics of it all

It has been awhile since anyone has done anything over at the ole NDVR Studios. however loyal blogophiles all that is about to hopefully change. well at least the majority of the crippling pain I felt has dissiapated. i still feel somewhat hollow since yours truly no longer has a companion.but there seems to be good days ahead upon the horizons. So thanks to everyone out there waiting for NDVR Comix to get its head out of its ass. oh and as promised here is a sneak peak at THE THINKING DARK!!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The physics of it all

   Greetings faithful readers of NDVR Comix to a long awaited exciting post of the Physics of it All.Unfortunately the gears behind the magic of NDVR Comix have begun to slow, with the Anti-Reason on sabbatical  and yours truly suffering through a very painful divorce,will this spell the end for NDVR Comix? Hopefully not but you can never truly know for certain,but Anti-reason and myself have no intentions of quitting making these funny little stories.So hang in there as we will ourselves while we try to make the best of theses tumultuous times.
  In other more upbeat news the fan demanded team-up of Black Beetle And Gladstone was recently finished. So keep your eyes on the look-out for that Gem and be the first of your friends to know the mystery of  the.............
                                     THINKING DARK !

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Physics of it All

Welcome to another thought provoking installment of the Physics of it All,and todays post will be no less thought provoking than previous ones. first off NDVR Comix sold like hot cakes at the Big Wow Comic Convention. Solidly marking the rise of NDVR Comix as one of the premier names in the comic industry. By the second day NDVR Studios could take no more of the capitalist madness and decided to hang with some of the more distinguished guess of the con. Not only did NDVR Comix debut with such success we also presented the next chapter of  Burn Beetle,which readers of the Propagandist can now enjoy by clicking on the ever exciting cover image over on the left of the screen . There is however  a slight inconvenience thanks to NDVR studios "I.T. GUYS" it seems when you click on the cover image to the left it will just take you to a seemingly blank page,this can be easily corrected by clicking on the the tab thats says home page which if the "I.T. GUYS"  are correct will bring you to a page featuring all of NDVR COMIX most recent comics for you to enjoy. so....GO FORTH AND BE BOLD!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Physics of it All

newsflush cover
So it has been a while but as usual NDVR has a excuse,with the upcoming convention (the big wow may 21st &22nd) approaching rapidly NDVR studio has been hard at work printing and preparing. thats right i said printing and for the first time at the Big Wow Convention you the readers/fans of NDVR Comix can finally own a copy of some of your favorite titles like the neutro-nano newsflush as well as Burn Beetle : the Machinations of Fate issue one. and for the first time premiering at the Big Wow Comic Convention Burn Beetle: Machinations of Fate issue two!
cover for burn beetle one

sneak peak issue two cover burn beetle

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Scenes From the Multi-verse:

The day started off normal enough for the youngest member of the Neutro-Knights.Gladstone awoke as usual around 8:00 a.m. and proceeded down the stairs of his mothers condo apartment. Today was Saturday so the young Malachite Randell a.k.a. Gladstone was ready to watch some cartoons as most boys his age do on Saturday mornings.The first of his favorites were coming on "Dyna-corps" a cartoon featuring intelligent dinosaurs fighting other dinosaurs who aren't as intelligent.

"hey honey,look what that nice teacher MR. Pain  brought you." interrupted his mother holding a orange terry cloth sock monkey with a tattered face and hideous yellow teeth.

"who?..oh you must mean Mr. P he is my fifth grade homeroom teacher.We were joking about creepy toys in the other classes." laughed Gladstone."this must be from his old school he said there was  a lot of creepy things there.

"alright sweety are you going to be o.k.,I may have to work late again tonight, you know how Mr. Livingston can be.lunch is on the counter" and with that said the mother leaves in her usual frazzled state leaving the young hero alone with his creepy orange monkey from his hilarious  teacher Mr. P.

Thinking to himself as he returns to the television set "man this thing sure is ugly" tossing the terry cloth monkey onto a nearby love seat before taking his place in the recliner to finish watching Dyna-corps.
"ah this is the life  cartoons on Saturday" with that the young Malachite Randall fell asleep.......

"Hey I suggest you wake up Kid!

"Hey Ugly I wont recommend sleeping out here in Dynocountry!

 "wha...where am I? " groggily question Gladstone

"I was hoping  you were smart cuz we know you aint good looking"

"Who is talking what is going on here? anxiously asked the child crusader as the fear of the unknown began to creep up his spine

Slowly the young hero opens his eyes revealing the snarling hideous face of that orange monkey.

" Don't look so surprise Gladstone." howled the sock monkey"

"What how do you know I'm Gladstone" asked the puzzled Malachite

" I know a great deal about all my victims,like for one I know fear is your weakness!!! hahahahaha" screeched the venomous looking orange terry cloth beast

Noooooooo!!!!!! screamed Gladstone as he bolts awake in the recliner.

"Whoa that was one strange dream it felt so real gotta quit watching those Miss Angel movies before I go to bed."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Physics Of it All

So we have been a little absent lately here at the Propagandist, but in the defense of Ndvr we have been quite busy. First, the second installment of the Machination of Fate (Burn Beetle II ) is only like three pages away from being finished and should be premiering here at the Propagandist  shortly maybe even with-in this month but most likely it will be next month so we can tie the release of issue two with our Big Wow convention Debut Which is taking place in May. Secondly I have recently finished the over draft of the Machination of Fate's third and final installment and let me tell you it promises to be a "Dozer" of a story! The first story arch of burn beetle is almost finished.however all you fans out there will have to wait for issue three since after issue two we here at Ndvr studios are switching gears and jumping on a project i believe will be met with plenty of excitement. Being known around the studio as "The Anthology"  this three story comic will be a first for ndvr studios having color and all. The 3 stories which are to be told  are a Action gang tale entitled Body Of Evidence, also the fan demanded team-up of the Black Beetle and Gladstone and the third tale is a tale of romance and jealousy entitled the "Lovebirds" staring Hummingbird and her friend Sparrow 7  
Sparrow 7

Saturday, March 5, 2011


We at NDVR Comix are over the moon as the kids say these days, to announce our convention debut! We will be at San jose's own BIG WOW! comic fest on May 21st and 22nd!!! three exclamation points for that one.
We will be joined by a good friend to NDVR, the NATIONAL SECURITY STATE!!
if you can make it, great.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The "Physics" of near completion

Greeting friendly Blog Followers to another edition of the physics of it all.Lets start things off with some news of ndvr comix and the printing process.Late last night me and my counterpart Anti-Reason finalized a decision on  what to do. We have decided to do a small special print run of Burn Beetle 1 as well as the neutro nano "news flush" for our upcoming convention appearance in San Jose California.

scenes from Burn Beetle 2 
Second, I have just seen the second finished  page of Burn Beetle two and decided that you have got to see it as well! Can't wait we are sure getting closer to finishing this book hopefully it will be accepted with the surprising interest that our first issue received. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I see that we haven't posted in a while,sorry for that but as the last timely post states we were hard at work and boy were we! Since the last post the dialog for Burn Beetle Two has been finished and is now completed. the process of  word bubble placement and the final inks are all that are needed for Issue two to be complete.We have also began work on a new project from ndvr comix title " NDVR COMIX PRESENTS". It is to be a anthology featuring everyones favorite heroes from the NDVR multi-verse. This particular issue will feature three short comic adventures ranging from a blast from the past with a tale from the Action Gang all the way to the Fan Demanded team-up of Black Beetle and the Boy superhero Gladstone. So don't miss the first exciting issue of "NDVR COMIX PRESENTS"   premiering sometime later this is a sneak peak 
But wait that is not even the tip of the iceberg of recent activities that have been taking place at ndvr studios first and for most NDVR COMIX will be breaking new ground in the upcoming months as we begin to sell our books on the Indie comic site Kablaam. so don't be coy. hurry and get your Kablaam edition Ndvr comix before supplies run out( not a possibility,due to it is a print on demand site) We are also planning to be at a Comic Convention sometime in May I believe  where we will be sharing a table with some up and coming ashcan artists . so 2011 is turning into a big year for NDVR COMIX so thats it for me for now but remember always.................. 

                                "GO FORTH AND BE BOLD"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


here is Dr.K Robot's famous word scramble, first you unscramble the words then use the highlighted letters to make another word!

leave a comment with the answers and win a prize!