Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Born to LSD using hippies of the summer of love and left nameless because his parents felt naming a child was a radical oppression placed on the individual who then had to carry the burden of ones name through out ones life.the child then could name himself when he felt it was important or had decided on a name.Captain Neutron was the name he decided on at the young age of 11 months based on his attraction to sub-atomic science.Captain Neutron was no ordinary child in that he was quite extraordinary, born fully cognizant and able to communicate complicated actions.with in weeks neutron was reading and rapidly learning about advance the age of 2 he had radically shook up the world of physics with his theory of the multi-reality.when his theory was tested it proved to be correct and the first inter reality was opened up,if only for seconds still the break through left the scientist and scholars dumbfounded only Captain Neutron had a full and working grasp of the science which still being a bit immature he named neutronics.with the world intrigued by the new science of neutronical math,captain Neutron then found himself being funded by the countries of the world and thus Neutron labs was formed. due to his mega intelligence Captain Neutron has created whole fields of technological advances for himself, he has built or acquired the abilities to travel through space,time, planes of existence,and even both parallel and alter realities.along with physical flight and array of particle force beams abilities, which manifested due to his reality conundrum ability which seems to trigger anomalies in the fabric of reality,in other words if there can be something out of place or wrong this will general happen around Captain Neutron especially on universal planes of reality