Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I see that we haven't posted in a while,sorry for that but as the last timely post states we were hard at work and boy were we! Since the last post the dialog for Burn Beetle Two has been finished and is now completed. the process of  word bubble placement and the final inks are all that are needed for Issue two to be complete.We have also began work on a new project from ndvr comix title " NDVR COMIX PRESENTS". It is to be a anthology featuring everyones favorite heroes from the NDVR multi-verse. This particular issue will feature three short comic adventures ranging from a blast from the past with a tale from the Action Gang all the way to the Fan Demanded team-up of Black Beetle and the Boy superhero Gladstone. So don't miss the first exciting issue of "NDVR COMIX PRESENTS"   premiering sometime later this is a sneak peak 
But wait that is not even the tip of the iceberg of recent activities that have been taking place at ndvr studios first and for most NDVR COMIX will be breaking new ground in the upcoming months as we begin to sell our books on the Indie comic site Kablaam. so don't be coy. hurry and get your Kablaam edition Ndvr comix before supplies run out( not a possibility,due to it is a print on demand site) We are also planning to be at a Comic Convention sometime in May I believe  where we will be sharing a table with some up and coming ashcan artists . so 2011 is turning into a big year for NDVR COMIX so thats it for me for now but remember always.................. 

                                "GO FORTH AND BE BOLD"