Saturday, March 5, 2011


We at NDVR Comix are over the moon as the kids say these days, to announce our convention debut! We will be at San jose's own BIG WOW! comic fest on May 21st and 22nd!!! three exclamation points for that one.
We will be joined by a good friend to NDVR, the NATIONAL SECURITY STATE!!
if you can make it, great.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The "Physics" of near completion

Greeting friendly Blog Followers to another edition of the physics of it all.Lets start things off with some news of ndvr comix and the printing process.Late last night me and my counterpart Anti-Reason finalized a decision on  what to do. We have decided to do a small special print run of Burn Beetle 1 as well as the neutro nano "news flush" for our upcoming convention appearance in San Jose California.

scenes from Burn Beetle 2 
Second, I have just seen the second finished  page of Burn Beetle two and decided that you have got to see it as well! Can't wait we are sure getting closer to finishing this book hopefully it will be accepted with the surprising interest that our first issue received.