Saturday, November 27, 2010

So I have just been made aware of the fact that Nov 7 2009 was the day we claimed burn beetle issue one completed as for the production phase. so a little over a year later we have almost 38% production of issue two done not to mention the promotion of issue one has been real good and we also created a Neutro Nano not to mention burn beetle was our first attempt so i feel we have learned a lot along the way,and further look forward to all the things we will learn in the future.oh we also created this blog so give us some month we will be having a rare ndvr conference  that isn't telephone and internet.that is right folks the geniuses of ndvr studios are meeting up for a wild three days creative conference. it was a rare conference like this that spawned the burn beetle so what could be the outcome of this year's rare creative conference.i guess for you fans you will have to wait till next year."what?" you say. well don't worry the propagandist promises to keep the fans well informed of all the big news for everything NDVR! so until then go forth and be bold !

Monday, November 15, 2010

NDVR Studios finds itself a little ahead of the game as we enter into the last months of this year.So being ones to never rest on our laurels we have begun working for the new year and what a year it is turning out to be with the completion of burn beetle two The Tribulations of Destiny scheduled to be completed  and hopefully a issue two of the Nano plus we have decided to do some mini issues which we here have been referring to them as webisodes starting first with the fan requested team-up of Black Beetle and Gladstone. We also hope to be more active on the printing front even vowing to make a long over due appearance at a convention. Which convention remains to be seen.Also stay tuned for more Multi-verse madness when we bring you "Scenes From The Multi-verse" a new post which will be premiering here next year!This may all be just our silly dreams and delusions. So with that said, I say go Forth and be Bold!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Alright the previous mention crisis has been averted and everything is better than ever so ignore the last post I made and continue to enjoy NDVR COMIX.
So I hate to post so soon after we launched the new title however it has become a concern of mine how our fans are viewing our comics.So for a better viewing format people should check out NDVRCOMIXPRESENTS.WEEBLY.COM  there you can see the pages and navigate through them with out having to hit back and stuff. we are trying to figure out how to establish some links but as of today we are lost in this process. Hopefully all this will be settled in the upcoming days, and forever sorry about the shitty way in which we run this company. So be bold and go forth and read NDVR COMIX and remember for a better viewing experience check out NDVRCOMIXPRESENTS.WEEBLY.COM

Sunday, November 7, 2010

That's right  Fans it is finally here! The long awaited and much anticipated Neutro-Knight Nano1                                                                                                                "NewsFlush"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Polls are closed!

   So first of let me apologize about the double post last time and the fact I have not mention the outstanding Poll results on NDVR Studios next comic. With a tie between the Teen Action Gang and Project Falconfear,We find ourselves in a quandary for the ages. So what should be done? well fans never worry because we at NDVR Studios are diligently working on solving the perplexing problem of a tie.If any of you fans out there have any suggestions on how we could solve this please feel free to leave a comment.
     Okay now that I have addressed the democratic debacle facing NDVR  Studios lets move on to some better news like The Machinations of Fate issue two has just finished with the lay-out process and appears to be 24 pages of excitement and thats before we ad all our little NDVR ads and specials. So I would have to think that we are getting better which should make the fans out there happy.So thanks to all the fans who are continuing to be bold and going fourth with NDVR Comix.