Sunday, June 13, 2010

NDVR 101- Lesson One "What is it?"

Hello NDVR fans,

this is the first installment of NDVR 101, a series of informative posts explaining basic elements of this fantastic comic multiverse. Starting at the beginning with the basic question of 'What is it?" a natural and completely human question, "what are we?" well, NDVR COMIX is an independent comic company created by Nick Physics and Antireason, two nom de plumed comic creators. Currently NDVR COMIX is making two separate comic titles, the first is Burn Beetle. it is a story of a young reluctant hero trapped by circumstance in a series of life altering and revolutionary events. the second is the main flagship title of NDVR, The Neutro-Knights! The Neutro-Knights are a international team of superheroes who fight injustice across time and space. they are led and named after their appropriately named captain, Captain Neutron. These heroes' adventures touch upon the entire gamut of the multiverse and multi-possibilities, including time travel, alternate realities, god realms, alter egos, etc.

We are a beginning comic company with more ideas than hours in the days, but a lifelong commitment to seeing at least some of these ideas to fruition. the form of this said fruit will change as will the stories and ideas, but that is what life is about, change. without change we would be stuck in a constant loop of mediocrity. this blog that you read now will be the home of current projects and finished product to be enjoyed, we will try our best to keep you in the loop. if you lend us just a small bit of your open mind we will fill it with just the right amount of nonsense to get you through this rough universe, and on to the next one.


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