Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Physics of it All

Welcome to another thought provoking installment of the Physics of it All,and todays post will be no less thought provoking than previous ones. first off NDVR Comix sold like hot cakes at the Big Wow Comic Convention. Solidly marking the rise of NDVR Comix as one of the premier names in the comic industry. By the second day NDVR Studios could take no more of the capitalist madness and decided to hang with some of the more distinguished guess of the con. Not only did NDVR Comix debut with such success we also presented the next chapter of  Burn Beetle,which readers of the Propagandist can now enjoy by clicking on the ever exciting cover image over on the left of the screen . There is however  a slight inconvenience thanks to NDVR studios "I.T. GUYS" it seems when you click on the cover image to the left it will just take you to a seemingly blank page,this can be easily corrected by clicking on the the tab thats says home page which if the "I.T. GUYS"  are correct will bring you to a page featuring all of NDVR COMIX most recent comics for you to enjoy. so....GO FORTH AND BE BOLD!!!!!!!!!!! 

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