Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to another edition of the physics of it all,and with only four days left on the polls this should be a exciting post. It looks as if the Teen Action Gang is fully in the lead but it's not to late for all the other fans out there.The Teen Action Gang is totally a good pick and will further enhance the multi-verse which is ndvr comix. but first we are going to bring you the long awaited Machinations of Fate #2,where we see the second chapter of the ongoing burn beetle series.and last but not least there is the upcoming Blog-O-Comic featuring the Black Beetle and fan favorite Gladstone.but before all of this happens the Nano is still coming soon but due to NDVR studios being so busy in our communities and doing the daily whatevers around the studios we sometimes get behind. The Nano is finished it is just held up in the promotional release aspect of things that is the comic industry these day.I will finish of this post with a shout out to a new member of the NDVR PATRONS CLUB


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