Monday, October 4, 2010

It Is Coming

Believe me,the Nano will be here soon I have seen the final product and it is better than I thought It would be. But unfortunately we are having some difficulty formatting it to our desired dimensions. When these Problemos are worked out the Nano will be here as promised! In other news just returned from the physics family reunion and i have to say it was cool but I need to also say that it was no picnic due to the fact I decided to use the days of vacay  and do a whirlwind promotional tour for our two new comics, the BurnBeetle: the Machinations of Fate and the Neutro-Nano.Being the busy body I am I went ahead and  also scheduled a meeting between myself and anti-reason to be held in the bay where we would also been schmoozing it up with the music biz and local vendors. You see I had a three-pronged attack plan unfortunately one singular event I didn't foresee was dental pain.The dental dilemma occurred around 8:30 right around the time of our schedule meeting with the previously mention music biz guys.they wanted us to meet at a Irish pub in north beach.Which I'm glad we did since that pub is now a proud promoter of ndvr comix. As I wrapped up the deal with the Irish establishment I received a was the pretty good kid,regretfully informing me that anti-reason had feel victim to four simultaneous tooth aches at once. then proceeded to take all kinds of pills why on some rampage looking for whiskey. the pretty good kid was able to maintain the control but sadly the meeting would have to be rescheduled for a later date.Which is no big deal, lets just hope anti reason feels better soon .... in fact why don't all you fans out there send anti-reason a email wishing him get wells at

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