Tuesday, January 11, 2011


here is Dr.K Robot's famous word scramble, first you unscramble the words then use the highlighted letters to make another word!

leave a comment with the answers and win a prize!


Mr. Monkeytail said...

1. Futility
2. Obscurity
3. Comix
4. Superheros
5. Broke

Mega Word is: Robot :-D

Obscurity took me forever, I could have sworn it was a new character named Citrus Boy :-P

antireason said...

good job!
you win a prize mr. monkeytail.
so keep your eyes peeled for it!
it will be a good one too, since you still got "superheroes", despite our misspelling.

and with the correct answers found. no one else may win a prize...until next time!