Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry X-mas

So Happy Holidays to all the fans of NDVR COMIX..As the year comes to a close and the new year approaches we here at NDVR Studios are looking forward to the upcoming year.with the release of The Machinations of Fate part two as well as loads of other NDVR stuff.Such as the fan demanded team-up of the Black Beetle and Gladstone. This team-up will actually be the debut of  what we here at NDVR Studios have been calling the webisodes. Which are little shorts strictly for the web. not to mention the new blog that will be starting in January called The Scenes From the Multi-Verse. Where the viewers will be able to see some of the action that is always unfolding in the multi-verse as well as read some stuff about your favorite NDVR heroes .Also 2011 promised to be the year of NDVR as we work out a deal with Indy Planet & Kablaam to print copies of all of NDVR's wonderful garbage. so with this said have some happy holidays and remember go forth and be bold.

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