Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Physics Of it All

So we have been a little absent lately here at the Propagandist, but in the defense of Ndvr we have been quite busy. First, the second installment of the Machination of Fate (Burn Beetle II ) is only like three pages away from being finished and should be premiering here at the Propagandist  shortly maybe even with-in this month but most likely it will be next month so we can tie the release of issue two with our Big Wow convention Debut Which is taking place in May. Secondly I have recently finished the over draft of the Machination of Fate's third and final installment and let me tell you it promises to be a "Dozer" of a story! The first story arch of burn beetle is almost finished.however all you fans out there will have to wait for issue three since after issue two we here at Ndvr studios are switching gears and jumping on a project i believe will be met with plenty of excitement. Being known around the studio as "The Anthology"  this three story comic will be a first for ndvr studios having color and all. The 3 stories which are to be told  are a Action gang tale entitled Body Of Evidence, also the fan demanded team-up of the Black Beetle and Gladstone and the third tale is a tale of romance and jealousy entitled the "Lovebirds" staring Hummingbird and her friend Sparrow 7  
Sparrow 7

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