Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Scenes From the Multi-verse:

The day started off normal enough for the youngest member of the Neutro-Knights.Gladstone awoke as usual around 8:00 a.m. and proceeded down the stairs of his mothers condo apartment. Today was Saturday so the young Malachite Randell a.k.a. Gladstone was ready to watch some cartoons as most boys his age do on Saturday mornings.The first of his favorites were coming on "Dyna-corps" a cartoon featuring intelligent dinosaurs fighting other dinosaurs who aren't as intelligent.

"hey honey,look what that nice teacher MR. Pain  brought you." interrupted his mother holding a orange terry cloth sock monkey with a tattered face and hideous yellow teeth.

"who?..oh you must mean Mr. P he is my fifth grade homeroom teacher.We were joking about creepy toys in the other classes." laughed Gladstone."this must be from his old school he said there was  a lot of creepy things there.

"alright sweety are you going to be o.k.,I may have to work late again tonight, you know how Mr. Livingston can be.lunch is on the counter" and with that said the mother leaves in her usual frazzled state leaving the young hero alone with his creepy orange monkey from his hilarious  teacher Mr. P.

Thinking to himself as he returns to the television set "man this thing sure is ugly" tossing the terry cloth monkey onto a nearby love seat before taking his place in the recliner to finish watching Dyna-corps.
"ah this is the life  cartoons on Saturday" with that the young Malachite Randall fell asleep.......

"Hey I suggest you wake up Kid!

"Hey Ugly I wont recommend sleeping out here in Dynocountry!

 "wha...where am I? " groggily question Gladstone

"I was hoping  you were smart cuz we know you aint good looking"

"Who is talking what is going on here? anxiously asked the child crusader as the fear of the unknown began to creep up his spine

Slowly the young hero opens his eyes revealing the snarling hideous face of that orange monkey.

" Don't look so surprise Gladstone." howled the sock monkey"

"What how do you know I'm Gladstone" asked the puzzled Malachite

" I know a great deal about all my victims,like for one I know fear is your weakness!!! hahahahaha" screeched the venomous looking orange terry cloth beast

Noooooooo!!!!!! screamed Gladstone as he bolts awake in the recliner.

"Whoa that was one strange dream it felt so real gotta quit watching those Miss Angel movies before I go to bed."

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