Thursday, July 8, 2010

NDVR 101- Lesson Two "So Whats a Nano?"

I am glad you asked,
A Nano is NDVR's version of a mini-comic, which is a small eight and a half by five and a half inch comicbook. These are sometimes referred to as Ashcans, which is another story but is kinda like licking your food so no one else will eat it.
Here at NDVR, we are making Nanos to begin the printing process, so far we figure we will make several Nano versions of a comic story and if it is popular we will make a more finished printed version. The thinking behind this is that we will have more freedom to make a lot more stories without concern for the amount of money it will take to produce them. This will also let the early NDVR faithful follower in on the ground floor, and frankly thats where you want to be in any good ponzi scheme. So far NDVR has only two Nanos in the works;

The first finished one is BURN BEETLE No.1 "Machinations of Fate"

I should hope you have seen this before, or at least heard of NDVR'S newest hero, BURN BEETLE, or we are not doing our job. But prehaps you are new to the scene, so i will bring you up to speed. Burn Beetle is a new young hero caught up in a revolutionary whirlwind and has no time to catch his breath let alone any time to think about what to do next! He is truly a reluctant hero caught in the machinations of fate!

The second and still being finished NDVR Nano is The NEUTRO-KNIGHTS, "in Newsflush"

*Note this is the working cover and is subject to change.*
The NEUTRO-KNIGHT Nano is a great introduction to the team for a new reader, which we all are. As we all know (cough) the NEUTRO-KNIGHTS are an international team of heroes who adventure through the gamut of the multiverses.

Both Nano will be available here, on this very blog, when they become available for distribution which will be soon. So stay true faithful readers.

well, since i got time i will explain ashcans, at least in the traditional use of the word. In the glorious golden age of comics, if a publisher had a great title for a comic like say, NDVR COMIX, and he wanted to claim the name before someone else used it. He would quickly make an "ashcan edition", with no real intent to make something of substance or to be seen by anyone really, it was just to publish the desired name. But some of these ashcans are worth a lot of money nowadays because of their disposable intent and the early incarnations of future heroes.
and thats why you should buy hundreds of NDVR ashcans!!

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