Sunday, July 25, 2010


So my last installments have been a little promotional,but fear not NDVR FANS because the PHYSICS OF IT ALL is about to get down to the nuts and bolts of the ndvr universe. so the original concept for the blog was to explain some of our characters a little better and the worlds they there is some things you should know before going off into the multi-verse which is ndvr comix.

Like, take for instance the circumstances that led to the creation of the..


welcome to the era of greed where big business and cocaine go hand in hand and a team of super heroes known as the action gang is on the covers of all the publications in town.the team was in hot water as to speak.Neutrons' Nega shield polarized and transformed a max security prison into a fortified base of newly super powered villains,who where now using the prison as a launching pad to attack the world. the action gang were desperately out numbered and the labs were facing bankruptcy. Neutron was in the dumps hiding out in parallel spaces,while the black beetle was thinking of leaving the team and become full time leader of the new beetle corps. Nato and Gwell grew apart as her legal work load increased defending the Neutron labs and Nato began hanging around with a new protege the humming bird.yeah they where dark days for our heroes.

With the reign of crime continuing on the citizens of the world,due to "Nega-Mates" it looked bleak. the media's salavitory glands opened and they proceeded to flood the 24 hour news cycle with stories of fear.there seemed no answer in site but neutron returns with a new invention he called the omnipotent chip,with this chip still in its experimental days he was able to use it to detect who had and who didn't have super powers,armed with that knowledge Neutron began to find people who could help. Meanwhile Nato has had enough and has also began recruiting a team.and as how things happen the two teams, Nato's and Neutron's was accompanied by the Beetle Corps and the assault on the prison began. The loosely coalitioned teams fought well against the more organized Nega-Mates but eventually overpowered them.and declared the prison secure

Later that night, at the victory party all the participants where invited to come and it became a big media to do.there was so many questions the party goers decided to give a special announcement to the media which would lead to the team surprising captain neutron with the formation of the Neutro- Knights! true story!

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