Monday, July 12, 2010


There is so much news to talk about in this installment of the "THE PHYSICS OF IT ALL" that do not know where to start.first off I guess i have to tell everyone about the northwest coast burn beetle magnet hunt. while on a promotional visit to the north coast a handful of limited edition burn beetle magnets where hidden in various stops.if anyone is to find one of the various hidden magnets for ndvr comix send it in to ndvr comix p.o. box 264 Gilroy, c.a. 95021 and be immediately enter on on mailing list to receive ndvr will send you the magnet back.

O.K., with that said, there was some new members in the all exclusive patron club recently,they soon will be enjoying the privileges of being a card carrying member .So if you are not a member of this club you should really start to find out how you can be part of it?

Alright, lets end this with some more good news,due to some economic restructuring here at ndvr studios we find we maybe able to due a small print run of burn beetle's "machination of fate" I'm sure when that is wrapped up we are going to do some sort of really cool package or something for it.

so for the company that loves to advertise,go forth and NDVR

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