Monday, August 30, 2010


Here are the photos of the first PATRON OF THE ARTS CLUB package, A experimental fan club for supportive NDVR fans who want to support the NDVR cause in a greater way. We are in development of a full open to everyone version of the club. But being a new company we are trying it out first, hence the experimental version. So, as a patron club member you would give a sum of money to help print a comic and would get a package of goodies as a thank you gift. The guinea pig who received this package knew our financial straits and wanted to help. In their package they received the following;
A) Several preview copies of soon to be printed NDVR comix, including the first issue Burn Beetle, in which they wanted to support.
B) seven NDVR style buttons. which will have a special purpose to be revealed later.
C) An Original personally framed NDVR painting!!! only one such made!! (see below.)
D) A hand silk screened NDVR COMIX shirt!!! (not pictured.)

Its hard to make it out in this photo, hopefully the lucky NDVR patron will send me another clear photo to share.

here is another unclear photo, I know that the aforementioned Patron will send a better photo and one of the fanastic shirt.

Don't you worry NDVR fans out there, you too will get your chance to show support and join the ranks of the patron club. Just stayed tuned, and will we get you the specifics.

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