Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello out there!

tonight, me and my creative partner nick spoke on the phone and the creative ndvr-juice flowed free! we hammered out some important story components and fleshed out some exciting new ideas! there is nothing more exciting than a new hero!
i really needed this refresher as my ndvr juice grew increasingly stale, all because of the "joys" of work. sigh.
anyways i feel like i am back on the right path to comic obscurity.
so, we created a bunch of crummy heroes until we hit the correct cosmic harmony and created the fantastic hero below!
being the great innovators of the medium we are, we also thought of a fantastically awesome name for such crown gem in the ndvr treasury. but being the giving, fan-appreciating comic company you have come to love we decided to let you give this immortal hero his eternal moniker!!
that's right fans, you name the hero!!
as merciful as we are we will give you some bits of information on our hero;
he's young and hip, he is ndvr after all.
he is a fan of dinosaurs, pterodactyls to be specific.
he is brave and brash,
HE'S ...(insert name)
after we have sorted through the piles of responses we will compare it to our equally terrific name, and may the best name win!!


1 comment:

Daniel said...

Look! Up in the sky, it's...
Look! Up in the sky, it's... PterrorSaur!
nah, too villainous...
Look! Up in the sky, it's...
The Cretaceous Cupcake!
Wait, what? Never mind...
Look! Up in the sky, it's...
Stacey Pteralta!
At least that's a skateboarding reference...
Look! Up in the sky, it's...
Hahahahaha, that one it pretty goofy.
Well, I'm kinda tapped out. I'll keep his picture in mind today and see what I come up with.