Sunday, August 1, 2010

The physics of it all

first let's begin this installment of "the physics of it all" with some good news on the front of making comic books.It turns out ndvr studios is close to closing a deal with some muckey-mucks to print a limited run of "THE MACHINATIONS OF FATE" issue 1 so look for that soon. So to continue with the subject of burn beetle. Here is a attempted to explain the world in which he inhabits so with out further adieu he is a brief look at OCCONOCCO!

The island nation of Occonocco,is controlled by a suceedingly authoritarian aristocratic government.who then in turn are bought left and right by the uber wealthy elite of business.creating a creative mixture of authoritarian capitalism which works well for the citizens of the city state occonocco but for the outlining populace there's shanties and wasteland.though the government is actively pursuing a urban sprawl campaign to "urbanize the island" which many in the international communities believe to be a thin veil to hide the governments clear eugenic plans.
To find out more about Occonocco read BURN BEETLE which you can find on or you can look forward to a upcoming blog which will be appearing somewhat regularly called "THE CYNDO CHRONICLES"

Well thats all i have to say for today go forth and ndvr!!!

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