Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exciting News

Good Morning Cyberworld,today on "THE PHYSICS OF IT ALL" we have some exciting news as the title suggest. First off,i have recently seen the lettered pages of the Neutro-nano. I have to say they are pretty good.So the  Nano is almost finished and will be here soon. Second bit of good news is Burn Beetle two is now in production, sort of. The script is wrote now just needs the kinks to be worked out a bit and stuff. But the second issue promises to be a good one with lots of action and some new characters.Third bit of news is good ole Nick Physics has just finished  a character creating workshop,creating up to a hundred new potential characters for the Ndvr multi-verse. can't wait to see if any of the new guys become as popular as the old guys.And last but not least there is the news of the polls, with only three days to vote left it looks as if the black beetle is going to be teaming up with Gladstone. but there is still three days left so you never know so please vote on our stupid polls.

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