Saturday, September 25, 2010

Anti-reason and myself have decided to give the ndvr fan a chance to select the newest title we will work on via the poll questions "WHICH NEW NDVR TITLE ARE YOU MOST INTERESTED IN"  your vote will help choose the next groundbreaking series that ndvr comix will produce. So with that said we have also decided to  maybe give the fans a little whats up on the new title options. First we have PROJECT:FALCONFEAR, which is the studios hope being it has more creative stuff already done. Even to the extent of having a Russian American native, who is also a son of a WWII colonel on board as consulate of authenticity.So in other words this was the planned next series as you will see in the upcoming Nano where it has it's first ad.Futher down and  to the right is a early rendition of the ad which will appear in its final version in the Neutro Nano. As for the other titles they are still more in a development stage which means alot more of (step 1 and 2)* the second title and current leader in the poll is  THE TEEN ACTION GANG..The premise to this one is that a Gwell from a different reality starts a team in the neutron log some of the neutro-knights hanging out in this one. Bastilleman,Boots,and others I'm sure. This one has been conceptualized but no real work has been done on it which should not deter anyone to vote for it because ndvr studios is up for the challenge. The next title I believe is WOLFENTRON..This guy is a old character but still one of the faves. Plus who out there is making any good werewolf stuff these day.Down below is a old cover for wolfentron.Lets see the next title was CHAMPIONMAN This one is about a superhero celebrity of the
nano ad design/red
1920's who has fallen out of the spotlight due to his recent exploits through time.I like this one because it is good and old school hard knocks were talking fist fights and crow bar type action. So the last one was the  TRAVELING CURIOSITIES.. To be completely honest with you this one is the most ethereal since i just made up the name for the poll specifically the characters are some guys we invented during the long lost NEUTRON HALL:INFINITY SERIES* basically they are a traveling family which stages a strange and bizarre carnival like show. this one being completely made up is the furthest from development but i am secretly rooting for this one.

cover from 1982 short lived anthology series alterity


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