Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So the polls have closed and the results are in black beetle will be teaming up with the youngster Gladstone in an upcoming short story.Last time i spoke of a creative workshop i had just finished creating new characters well ndvr studios likes to use new characters when ever we get a chance so we the geniuses of ndvr comix have to decided to use one of these new character to be the villain.so i hope all you who voted  will be able to wait for the upcoming short which will be here at the Propagadist the only official source of all things NDVR.

So with that bit of excitement behind us lets move on to the next bit of news. burn beetle: the machinations of fate # 2 has been rewrote and edited repeatedly and is finally finished on the writing end as for the art departments end it is only beginning for more information on the comic creating process check out the recent post of ndvr101 for the run down on ndvr studios comic making ways.

Last but not least the Neutro-nano is in the final stages of wrap-up and should be premiering here at the Propagadist soon enough but for the mean time here is a proposed cover.

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