Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Polls are closed!

   So first of let me apologize about the double post last time and the fact I have not mention the outstanding Poll results on NDVR Studios next comic. With a tie between the Teen Action Gang and Project Falconfear,We find ourselves in a quandary for the ages. So what should be done? well fans never worry because we at NDVR Studios are diligently working on solving the perplexing problem of a tie.If any of you fans out there have any suggestions on how we could solve this please feel free to leave a comment.
     Okay now that I have addressed the democratic debacle facing NDVR  Studios lets move on to some better news like The Machinations of Fate issue two has just finished with the lay-out process and appears to be 24 pages of excitement and thats before we ad all our little NDVR ads and specials. So I would have to think that we are getting better which should make the fans out there happy.So thanks to all the fans who are continuing to be bold and going fourth with NDVR Comix.

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