Monday, November 15, 2010

NDVR Studios finds itself a little ahead of the game as we enter into the last months of this year.So being ones to never rest on our laurels we have begun working for the new year and what a year it is turning out to be with the completion of burn beetle two The Tribulations of Destiny scheduled to be completed  and hopefully a issue two of the Nano plus we have decided to do some mini issues which we here have been referring to them as webisodes starting first with the fan requested team-up of Black Beetle and Gladstone. We also hope to be more active on the printing front even vowing to make a long over due appearance at a convention. Which convention remains to be seen.Also stay tuned for more Multi-verse madness when we bring you "Scenes From The Multi-verse" a new post which will be premiering here next year!This may all be just our silly dreams and delusions. So with that said, I say go Forth and be Bold!!!

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