Saturday, November 27, 2010

So I have just been made aware of the fact that Nov 7 2009 was the day we claimed burn beetle issue one completed as for the production phase. so a little over a year later we have almost 38% production of issue two done not to mention the promotion of issue one has been real good and we also created a Neutro Nano not to mention burn beetle was our first attempt so i feel we have learned a lot along the way,and further look forward to all the things we will learn in the future.oh we also created this blog so give us some month we will be having a rare ndvr conference  that isn't telephone and internet.that is right folks the geniuses of ndvr studios are meeting up for a wild three days creative conference. it was a rare conference like this that spawned the burn beetle so what could be the outcome of this year's rare creative conference.i guess for you fans you will have to wait till next year."what?" you say. well don't worry the propagandist promises to keep the fans well informed of all the big news for everything NDVR! so until then go forth and be bold !

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