Saturday, December 11, 2010

NDVR 101- Lesson Four "What is up with the Neutro-Knights?"

Hello students of the NDVR multiverse, yes I said multiverse. As you sharper pupils can tell, this lessons is on the vast domain of the Neutro-Knights jurisdiction. This lesson is a response to the recent, and common question regarding the misson of everyone's beloved team of heroes. The Neutro-Knights are led by none other than Captain Neutron, a master of the complexities of realities. And being so, so do the Neutro-Knights follow, this means into the far depths of outer space, the vastness of infinite subdivisions of inner space, and more importantly the incompressible beyondness of alterity. Meaning the alternate realities and dimensions of every possibility throughout.
Now, this sounds great, but we are but a few stalwart good hearted heroes to undertake such a query, but we try, and thats all one can do in this atomic apathy.

The Neutro-Knights are not bound by the confines of their "Home" reality, they face injustice in the membrane of the unknown. Through, In and Beyond!
I use the term "Home" loosely here, as more than a few of my fellow comrades are from the otherness, Heroes and Heroines alike!
WE go forth and return again, departing to where needed, regardless of constraints of any reality.
Remember this comrades...
be no victim of fate,

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